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Switzerland remains the world’s largest wealth management centre for international assets. A total of $1.84 trillion (CHF1.85 billion) of international assets were managed in Switzerland at the end of 2017.  This figure is larger than both the UK and the US.

Britain ($1.79 trillion) and the United States ($1.48 trillion) follow closely behind.

These three international wealth management centres manage around 60% of the total international market volume.

Switzerland is also at the top when it comes to competitiveness and performance. The Swiss wealth management hub benefits from high political and economic stability, service quality and digital maturity.

Switzerland continues to have the competitive edge thanks to the digital skills of its workforce, its longstanding know-how in serving international clientele and customer-oriented approach.

“When it comes to choosing a location to invest their assets, today’s international wealth management clients are looking for excellent service, which includes digital tools, and a top-notch advisory experience. Tax and regulatory conditions are still important, but more as a standard that financial hubs are expected to fulfil,”

“Switzerland is still the go-to place for first-rate client experience, which is why we can be confident about the future of the Swiss wealth management hub. Swiss banks have done their homework well in the last couple of years, and even got their relatively high costs under control, increasing their cost-to-income ratios and profitability.”   said Daniel Kobler, who leads Deloitte’s Private Banking & Wealth Management Industry in Switzerland.

So with this in mind, that we chose Switzerland alongside the UK and the US as one of our three Wealth Management global centres.  With all three jurisdictions covered by our network of associated global partners, we are able to provide truly international coverage.

Due to their high level of cross-jurisdiction experience, in-depth knowledge of a truly diverse range of market sectors, and almost obsessional preoccupation with discretion and privacy, we have no hesitation in recommending Arden Wealth Management (Arden Wealth & Trust (Switzerland) AG. Arden Wealth & Trust (Switzerland) AG is a registered member to and licensed by PolyReg Allg. Selbstregulierungs-Verein, an SRO officially recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Everyone knows that Switzerland is without doubt at the very centre of private wealth management operations, but what is just as important is to choose an asset manager that understand “how” the benefits of Swiss wealth management applies to you in your own jurisdiction.  Its therefore extremely important to contract with a firm that has a long and diverse experience in international relationships spanning the globe.  That’s why we have chosen Arden Wealth Management.

You can access their website here:

A word from Arden Wealth…

At Arden Wealth & Trust we value the long-term relationships with our clients, who appreciate our competence, professionalism and “can do” attitude. Our services are efficient and reliable, our bespoke solutions solid and lasting.  As added value we work with a global network of partners and service providers who adhere to the same high standards and have been with us for many years.

Our Team

The people at Arden Wealth & Trust come from diverse professional backgrounds. Our in-house financial, legal and administrational knowhow and decade long experience allow us to offer the broad range of services we make available to our clients. Whether coordinating and supervising multiple advisors globally or implementing a stand-alone project locally – clients can rely on our team as their first or single point of contact – in five languages.

Our Clients

Our clients vary from private HNW individuals, successful serial entrepreneurs and family offices to corporate bodies and institutional investors globally. We are flexible and can work together with clients’ existing professional advisors to realize the most appropriate solutions.

Discretionary Mandates

Our investment managers work with each client to determine the individual investment strategy best suited to risk profile and personal financial goals and objectives. This includes a view on personal lifestyle, professional and family planning and individual expertise in the investment universe. We then establish the right balance between desired yield and inherent risk exposure and develop our investment strategy for the client profile.

We monitor asset allocation, performance and portfolio diversification in real time against market cycles and apply statistical and quantitative analytical systems to test market trends. Our investment managers put their long-time experience to work for you and offer several strategies:

  • Anti-cyclical investing
  • Emerging Markets
  • ETFs
  • Option trading and other Derivative driven models
  • Commodities
  • Fixed income strategies
  • Mid- to long-term asset backed value investing

Advisory Mandates & Execution Only

It takes a lot of time and expertise to stay on top of market trends, analyse vast amounts of news and data to substantiate the right investment decisions. Our advisory mandate enables the clients to have a firm foundation to take those decisions. While we monitor the global financial markets, at times down to single projects, we are able to present our clients with relevant, tailored information and investment opportunities suitable to their strategy at the frequency of their choice. Once client instructions or confirmations are received, we execute the orders accordingly in the respective portfolio.

Fiduciary & Trust Services

Together with local and global partners we offer a comprehensive range of services relating to the administration, domiciliation and management of companies, including:

  • Provision of registered office
  • Ongoing management, administration and coordination
  • Arranging of independent directors, managers and legal signatories
  • Coordination of the incorporation process for companies
  • Provision of a registered office for the company, creation and maintenance of its files and register
  • Arranging for dedicated office space and operational infrastructure like phone lines, website and general IT
  • Communication and representation with banks regarding opening of a bank account
  • Registration of the company with the relevant authorities
  • Maintenance and filing of all documents, accounting records, annual reports etc.


As is our firm’s philosophy, we ensure that all fiduciary & trust services adhere to rigorous standards of customer confidentiality and discretion. Our clients have trust and peace of mind, because we implement only individually tailored, but solid trust structures. Our primary trust services comprise the following:

  • Establishing trusts in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Acting as Trustee or Foundation Administrator (Switzerland).
  • Holding of assets (including shares) under title of mandate and/or deposit.
  • Management, administration and distribution of assets.
  • Protection of financial and non-financial assets.

Escrow Services

As a trusted and regulated third party we take responsibility for helping our clients and their counterparties to execute their transactions safely. Acting as escrow agent we handle receipt, safekeeping and disbursement of funds, securities, certificates and original transaction related documents, all in the context of commercial, private or financing transactions.

Security Arrangements

We act as security trustee to manage pledged collateral, asset allocations, sinking funds or contractual rights or obligations for clients or their businesses vis á vis third parties with mid- and long-term timelines from one to five or more years.

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