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Investment Memoranda

Corporately, we only deal with either Authorised and Regulated Financial Service institutions and entities, or investment products whereupon a Financial Regulator (or a person Authorised by a Regulator) has “signed off’ the Investment Memorandum as fair, appropriate and transparent.

Should a Person using our comparison site go on to join Money-Link or request certain information via Money-Link, there is a possibility that at some time in the future Money-link could be performing services that are broadly termed as “Financial Promotions”, and such promotions are normally bound by legislation and regulation in most jurisdictions. If and when such event takes place, both you and Money-Link agree that at such point in time money-Link shall only communicate with “Qualified Parties” such as; High Net Worth, Sophisticated and Experienced Investors, Financial Advisors and Institutions, and unfortunately will not initially entertain enquiries from “Retail” or “Everyday” Investors.

We sincerely recommend that any Retail or Everyday investor discusses any potential investment strategy with a Regulated and Authorised Financial Advisor*, and only then would we proceed on the strict basis that; if such potential investors wish to take advantage of any of the featured investment opportunities, we would require the Independent Financial Adviser’s signature that he has either given advice, or that the investor has declined such advice and elected to execute your own transaction.

*All UK resident Tax-Free ISA investors must be vetted and checked for KYC / AML (Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering) documentation via a UK FCA Regulated Financial Advisor.

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