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Creating long-term relationships

Long-term relationships are good for business.  A retained and loyal client is the life-blood of the financial services industry.   A happy investor, receiving their interest or profits timeously, is obviously more likely to go on to invest larger sums than a new client who hasn’t tested the water yet, and of course new clients cost marketing budget, retained ones don’t.

So why join Money-Link?

Initially our site is a simple comparison site for you to compare various international investment opportunities. If you like the look of a product, please consider the opportunity, simply contact a member of our team and we will be happy to go through the application process.

Joining Money-Link gives you exclusive access to private unadvertised investment opportunities, the ability to speak directly to Authorised and Regulated Financial Advisors, International Fund Managers, Tax Specialists, Trustee and Escrow services.  But just as importantly:

a) joining is and will always remain free, and
b) you receive free stocks and shares in new launch companies
c) you will receive up-to-date newsletters and blogs on investment opportunities
d) Money-Link augments your annual return on selected investment opportunities, by sharing our commissions with you.


Due to our extensive data, software applications and international networks, many of our international corporate clients retain our services over 5 to 10-year periods. This sometimes results in an option, warrant or profit-share transaction (as opposed to a simple professional fee invoice) to the benefit of Steel Rat AG, our Swiss partner.

A number of our clients (in different market-sectors) have authorised us to offer their asset-backed financial instruments, at what we consider to be extremely good rates of return.  As Steel Rat has in turn benefited from our client agreeing to a 5 to 10-year consultancy contract, we too contribute towards investors’ annual returns.  This way, we ensure that not only do we retain our Corporate Clientele over longer periods, but we also build an international and select group of High Net Worth, Sophisticated and Experienced investors, who are very comfortable with our business model, and due to receiving their returns as expected, and receiving performance related updates and reports, are more open to sometimes placing other smaller venture capital investments into newer companies that would normally be considered higher risk.

In addition, and at absolutely no cost to investors, we issue investors stocks and shares in new venture companies in order that they may participate not only in the excellent returns, but also the considerable conversion bonuses available.  Individually, the shares don’t amount to a huge investment at today’s value. But on a good spread, and with time a selected few of the companies WILL make it, and then you’ll be very happy with your shareholding that cost you nothing!

A $1,000 investment in Apple shares on 12th December 1980 would be worth $430,000 today (or 58,000 PERCENT RETURN ON INVESTMENT) a $1,000 in Amazon in May 1997.

Here’s a handy table to work out the returns on some of the more successful and well-known listings;

Still think your 2% per annum at the bank is fair?