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To recommend one particular Corporate Advisor is difficult, it’s a little like saying you need a specialist doctor but not mentioning the area of expertise required.  Do you need a radiologist, anaesthetist or surgeon? Although Corporate Advisors normally advertise a very broad spectrum of services, they tend to specialise in one market sector, and of course they are well versed in the regulation and legislation of their own jurisdiction but may falter or require third-party input when crossing borders. Lastly, language, always try to get advice from a native speaker of your own language.  It can work out expensive, arduous and time consuming when trying to converse even on a fairly good mutual second-language basis.

With the above-mentioned in mind Money-Link maintains close relationships with over a dozen Corporate Advisors in 11 jurisdictions, covering 7 languages and a multitude of specialist experience.

Whether you’re looking to;

  • Incorporate a new international company,
  • Take a product or service to market,
  • List on a Recognised Stock or Securities Exchange, or simply,
  • Raise money for your business model,
  • Draft Investment Memoranda,
  • Put together Due Diligence documentation,
  • Automate IT processes
  • Develop software applications etc.
  • Lead Generation or Investment Sales personnel
  • Training programmes etc.

We’ll probably have the right advisor for you.

The way it works:

We work entirely on a success fee (as all of our services).  You send us a maximum of 500 words describing what you are hoping to achieve, when and where.  Hopefully we’ll be able to match you with a specialist in that area.  If and when you do business, you pay us 2.5% of the Fees you paid to the Corporate Advisor, as does the Corporate Advisor themselves.

In the first instance please simply email your 500 word brief to:


and we will send you a number of Corporate Advisors specialising in your area of concern.